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Final Project: sign up for recording session at Green St.

Bands (or soloists) who need a recording studio: please have your contact person leave a reply to this post to claim one of the following times. All slots are for 3 hours. You have 1.5 to 2 hours record and the remainder to mix the final product. Come prepared to record and get it right on the first take!

Please indicate: 1) the names of every person in your group and each instrument (if any); 2) how many vocalists;  and 3) if you’ll be using a sampled soundtrack (you will have to bring a digital copy of it to the studio). The studio has a guitar amplifier and electronic keyboard. Using a drum set requires special setup time, so please email first if needed (I will need to book groups needing a drum set back to back). Continue Reading »

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Posting audio or video recordings to the projects blog

STEP I: Write a post on the course projects blog

1. Posting to the class projects blog is restricted. To get permission, email the instructor Eric Charry (echarry) the name of the person designated to upload your group’s project. If that person already posted for the midterm project, then they still have permission and there’s no need to email the instructor.

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Welcome to musc108: History of Rock and R&B

Welcome to musc108.

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