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Midterm Project: Sign up for Green St. Studio times

Bands (or soloists) who need a recording studio: please have your contact person leave a reply to this post to claim one of the following times. All slots are for 3 hours. You have 1 1/2 to 2 hours to record and the remainder to mix the final product. Come prepared to record and get it right on the first take!

Please indicate: 1) the names of every person in your group and each instrument (if any); 2) how many vocalists;  and 3) if you’ll be using a sampled soundtrack (you will have to bring a digital copy of it to the studio). The studio has a guitar amplifier and electronic keyboard. Using a drum set requires special setup time, so only request one if needed (I will need to book groups needing a drum set back to back).   Continue Reading »

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